Food Services

There are a number of services and groups providing free food services in Parramatta to people experiencing homelessness.

If you are considering establishing or volunteering at a food service, we recommend that you read the schedule of free and low cost food services provided in the Parramatta LGA that is supplied on our News and General Resources pages.  As there are a number of food services operating across Parramatta, it is important to ensure that new services complement existing services. Please note, this may not be a complete picture of all services on offer across Parramatta at any in point in time, as services change times and locations over the course of a year, and new services come into the area

If you are not experienced in this, it is advised to seek the advice of homeless service experts who can provide information on appropriate contact with people experiencing homelessness (a list of services in the area is provided on the Current Members page).

Mobile Food Vending Permit 

City of Parramatta Council has introduced a permit system for community-based food providers, in accordance with City of Parramatta Council’s Street Activity Policy.

It is compulsory for free and low cost food service providers to apply for and hold a valid Council permit in order to deliver their services on Council land, such as parks. There is no fee associated with the permit application process for community-based providers.

Further information, including the permit application process, can be found in the Mobile Food Vending User Guide and Permit Application Form on the City of Parramatta’s website.

Safe Food Handling

You will also need to make sure you comply with relevant safe food-preparation and handling laws. You can visit the NSW Food Authority’s website for information further information: