Provide a food service

There are a number of services and groups providing free food services in Parramatta to people experiencing homelessness.

Starting a food service

It’s important that new food services complement existing services.

See the schedule of free and low-cost food services in the Parramatta LGA if you’re planning to start a service or want to volunteer at one.
Note: This schedule may not reflect all services, as some are delivered on private land. Service times and locations can also change.

If you are new to food service delivery, you are encouraged to get advice from homeless service experts, such as our members. They can give you advice on appropriate contact with people experiencing homelessness.

Mobile food vending permit

Free and low-cost food service providers must hold a valid permit from City of Parramatta Council if they want to deliver services on Council land, such as parks. This is part of the City of Parramatta Council’s Street Activity Policy.

There is no fee for applying for a permit as a community-based provider.

More information:
Mobile food vending user guide
Permit application form

Safe food handling

Food services must comply with relevant safe food handling and preparation laws.

More information:
NSW Food Authority

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If you are seeking emergency assistance in relation to homelessness,
please contact the NSW State Government information and referral service,
Link to Home, on 1800 152 152.