Interagency Meetings

Interagency meetings take place the 3rd Thursday of every second month starting February – please see the below table – from 10am.  December meetings may take place a week earlier due to the festive season. 

PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHECK THIS PAGE PRIOR TO ATTENDING A MEETING, as VENUES may change or an online alternative may be organised under COVID-19 restrictions.

Upcoming Interagency meeting details (READ ABOVE FIRST):

  • Thursday 16 February, 2023 – PHIVE Parramatta – Please contact the convenor for further details.
  • Thursday 20 April, 2023 – Online, MS Teams
  • Thursday 15 June, 2023 – Venue TBC (Planned to be in-person)
  • Thursday 17 August, 2023 – Online, MS Teams
  • Thursday 19 October, 2023 – Venue TBC (Planned to be in-person)
  • Thursday, 14 December, 2023 – Online, MS Teams