About us

Vision Statement

The Interagency works to end homelessness in the Parramatta region. To this end, it will improve the quality of life of people experiencing homelessness, by facilitating partnerships between stakeholders including the homeless; lobbying and providing representation; and, resourcing members and the community.

The Interagency recognises that improving quality of life involves:

  • improving the status of people experiencing homelessness;
  • responding to their immediate and long-term needs, including their health and well-being;
  • working in partnership with people to progress their rights.

What we do

The primary function of the Interagency is to provide opportunities for sharing of relevant and timely information and supporting collaboration between services and agencies, to improve service delivery within and across services. The primary forum for this is bi-monthly Interagency meetings attended by Members and guests.

Terms of Reference

The Interagency’s Terms of Reference was revised after the 2016 Planning and Evaluation session.

Download a copy of the Terms of Reference (PDF, 6 pages, 324KB)

This website is administered by The City of Parramatta
126 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150

If you are seeking emergency assistance in relation to homelessness,
please contact the NSW State Government information and referral service,
Link to Home, on 1800 152 152.