Do you want to help people experiencing homelessness?

We know there are many generous and concerned members of our local community who want to help in some way. While we cannot accept donations, many of our members can.

You can donate:

  • money
  • household items, or
  • time (volunteering).

Go to Our members page for more information about donations accepted by member services.

Types of donations


Support services are always trying to do a lot with very little. Your financial donation helps our members to continue supporting the homeless.

Household items

Many services help people set up a home, often for the first time in many years. There is so much more to a home than just a roof. You need white goods, furniture, cutlery, linen, and more.

Time (volunteering)

Volunteering your time is a rewarding activity, and many services need volunteers to operate.

This website is administered by The City of Parramatta
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If you are seeking emergency assistance in relation to homelessness,
please contact the NSW State Government information and referral service,
Link to Home, onĀ 1800 152 152.